CCRC Lord’s Day Worship and Sunday School are held at the Madonna Learning Center.  

Our Sunday School classes for adults are listed below:

  • The Ligonier Class, led by David Massee, meets at 9am, in the AP building Common Room.  The current study is R.C. Sproul’s Dust to Glory.  The Ligonier Class begins with a twenty-five minute video study from Ligonier Ministries, followed by a discussion with a question and answer format to encourage class participation.  This class is open to all adults of all ages with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of the Bible and theology, and to help Christians recognize the worldviews of our contemporary culture and how to grow in their faith.
  • The Westminster Class, led by Jurey Howard, meets at 8:30am, in room 114.  The current study is on the Book of Hebrews.  The Westminster Class begins with fellowship and visiting.  Teaching begins at 8:45 and ends around 9:15 with a time for prayer requests and of actual prayer for the requests made.  The class ends at 9:30.  Questions are encouraged at any time during the lesson, and comments are welcome for the discussion that usually ensues.  Expository teaching of the Books of the Bible is the focus of this class.  Christian believers of any age are encouraged to join our spiritual fellowship as we study God’s Word in the context of the issues of the heart and life in Christ.
  • The Crossroads Class, led by the Reverend Bryant Hansen, meets at 9am, in room 106 of the AP building.  The current study is on the Book of Hebrews.  The Crossroads Class is for young adults ages 18-40, married or single.  The focus of this class is to reach each person where they are in the crossroads of life.  It is a great opportunity to learn to apply God’s Word to our lives and to develop a Biblical world view through which we see the modern culture in which we live, while getting to know one another better.

Worship begins at 10:15 in the gymnasium.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade children will be dismissed before the sermon for children’s church.  The nursery is located in room 116 and opens at 8:45am.


Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul

CCRC is the sponsor of Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul on the Bott Radio Network.

The program airs on weekdays at 6:02pm, on Saturdays at 1:30pm, and on Sundays at 1:00pm.

You will find the Bott Radio Network at 640AM, 100.7FM, and 93.7FM.

You may listen to previous episodes here:

Every Thursday

Mens Bible Study

Buddy Cater is leading a Ligonier study entitled “Dust to Glory”. The group meets at 10am on Thursdays in our church office: 6800 Poplar Ave, Suite 216


Saturday, April 06, 2024

New Members Class

New Members Class

on Saturday, April 6th, at our church office:

6800 Poplar Avenue

Suite 216

Germantown, TN 38138

For more information, please contact the church office at 901-390-4390

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Sock Hop!

Come join us for an old fashioned Sock Hop with the Madonna kids and their families!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Mark your Calendars!

Deadline to sign up is May 1st!!

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Monday, July 29, 2024

Living Water Conference

Join us for a week diving into the Word of God! Lots of sand, sun, and fellowship!!

Trip and packing details to come soon.  ** Deadline to sign up is June 1st.

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